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Vaporizers- the cleanest way to smoke

Vaping is the closest you can get to smoking without actually smoking!!​


Using a vaporizer is a better way to enjoy your herbal tobaccos. A Vaporizer will heat your tobacco to a near combstustable state, literally vaporizing its essential oils. Because the tobacco isn't being actively destroyed by combustion there is a higher percentage of essential oil vapor available than any smoke would allow. And since you're not burning your tobaccos, you won't be breathing in the lung damaging tars and gasses produced during combustion. While your saving your lungs you also save money because a vaporizer delivers a better quality, more satisfying experience while using smaller quanities of tobacco.


The only question is "which vape is best for you?" Table top, portable, electric, battery or butane powered? Whether it's plant matter or concentrates, we've got the solution for you.

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